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There is disagreement and inconsistency in the available genealogies for the families referenced in the text of this book.  The lack of original documents makes it impossible to resolve them.  The work presented is a collection of the best known data.   A genealogy of the Price – Priest – Preec – Preece family was not attempted.  Given the numerous variations in the spellings of the surname, and the frequent recycling of first names, and the broad disagreement among the various genealogies available on line, it was impossible to construct a reasonably accurate genealogy for this family.  It is to be regretted, as they were one of the most significant of the Elk Garden families. 



            James Crabtree I was born in Harford Co. (old Baltimore Co.) Maryland in 1750.  His parents were William Crabtree III and Hanna Whitaker Crabtree.  He immigrated to Saltville, Va. in 1772, and died there in 1823.  His settlement right is LO P-721, 300 acres south and across the North Fork of the Holston River from Watson Gap, a couple of miles or so up river from Saltville.  He was a captain in the Washington Co, Militia.  His wife was Rhoda Benton.  His brother was Jacob, also of Saltville. 

            John Crabtree, also of Saltville, was a brother of James I and Jacob.  He had a son named James, who was born 1756, who therefore was a first cousin of James I.  This James’s wife was Elizabeth (maiden name presumed to have been Payne). 

Excellent genealogies of Jacob Crabtree: 

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