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Earliest Settlement
The Mansions of Elk Garden
The Great Awakening
The Stuart Family
Lead, Salt, & Cattle
Wealth Leads to Politics

              Benjamin Harrison IV married Ann Carter, the daughter of King Carter.  Harrison was a delegate to the Continental Congress and was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.  He was an ancestor of U. S. President William Henry Harrison.  June Harrison, sister of Benjamin, married Alexander Stuart.   

            These Stuarts were Irish Presbyterians.  However, their lineage went to the Scottish royal family.  Henry Stuart, better known as ‘Lord Darnley’, was famously murdered in a Scottish castle, and interestingly enough, a ballad about that event was collected in Wise County, Virginia, having been forgotten in Scotland.  Furthermore, they were related to Mary, Queen of Scots, and Kings Charles  I & II, and James I & II of England. 

Archibald, Sr. of Londonderry immigrated to Augusta County, Va. about 1738, and acquired large estates, which were divided at his death among his four children.  His second son was the Alexander mentioned above, identified as the “Major”.  He commanded a regiment at the Battle of Guilford Court House, and was captured after having two horses shot out from under him, and of having been so severely wounded that he was abandoned on the battlefield. 

            Major Alexander Stuart had a son known as “Judge” Alexander Stuart.  The Judge’s eldest son was another Archibald, and was an officer in the War of 1812.  He was an attorney, and was both in the General Assembly and in the Federal House of Representatives, where he was a strong supporter of John C. Calhoun’s drive for ‘Nullification’.   

            Representative Archibald Stuart had two sons, J. E. B. Stuart, the Confederate cavalryman, and William Alexander Stuart, whose wife was descended from King Carter.


        William Alexander Stuart


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